Monday, May 21, 2012

The RAT didn't die lah!

One day, the parking uncle came to our shop.

Uncle: my house ah... got a lot of ants. I tried the chalk la..i tried the spray la.. everything la. All also so expensive. All also cannot work.
Me: oh then you should try our OMG insects. Worked for me. I just spray on my kitchen table and wipe dry. No more ants after that.
Uncle : *disbelief face* sure or not. How much is it?
Me: Rm7 one liter only.
Uncle: Okay. Give me one liter. I go home and try and see how. My house everywhere also got ants wan.   Alot. Everywhere.
Me: *sweat* so much ah? then you use some and dilute and mop the floor also la. okay?
Uncle : Can mop also ah?
Me: yes yes. 1 part to 50 parts of water.
Uncle: need to rinse or not?
Me: no need. just leave it dry like mopping floor.

The next day... I saw him at the mamak stall with the sour face. I thought the omg insects failed. So i asked him..
Me: hi uncle. You try the omg insects edi ah?
Uncle: NOT YET LA. *angry face* I go home so late, no chance to try also.
Me: oh.. okok you try first and let me know ah...

And he came the next day to buy dishwash...

And the next day he came to buy pine gel.....

Me: really ?
Uncle: yes lah. I spray , the RAT ALSO NEVER DIE
Me: Buy.. omg insect is for insect leh.. not for RAT uncle.
Uncle: yes lah.. I spray the door ah.. the RAT still come and scratch the door!
Me: but uncle.. this one is not for rat leh.. for ants and cockroaches. That day you say your house alot of ants. Kau tim edi wah?
Uncle: NEVERMIND. I killed the rat edi.
Me: O.O how?
Uncle: I use the glue lor. The fler so hungry go eat the glu and mati. So now i need this pine gel to wash the place. So smelly. Can use ah?
Me: can... you gotto disinfect the place fast , cos very poisonous wan.
Uncle: okay okay..

And he came back the next day..
Me: Hi uncle. Hows the rat thing. Cleaned edi ah ?
Uncle: NOLAH. too smelly.
Me: of course smelly ler. that's why u need the pine gel to make it not smelly.
Uncle: BUT AH.......your insect one really can use leh. I spray the ants, straight away they mati.
Me: wah good good.
Uncle: *look around*
Me: You need anything today?
Uncle: er... give me laundry powder la. Good or not?

hahaha and he is our most regular customer. Everyday he will come and buy something for his wife to use.


  1. You sure he really wanna buy things or checking out the pretty owner .. hahahaha.

    1. hahha maybe he is interested with my boy cos he bought even when I'm not around. And he brought his friends too. Checking out on my boy perhaps?

  2. this uncle so cute!

  3. Regular UNCLE customer, good for you. Usually Uncles are more cincai then Aunties. No offend, sorry.

    1. Usually uncle more cincai and woman are more brand conscious. Many men came and say they dun mind buying no brand items, always the wife is particular with brands :)

  4. funny la this fella

    1. Ya I know! I see him each time I'm there and I wanna laugh haha

  5. I so wanna buy this pine gel but the Mahkota outlet is always closed whenever I passby. :(

    1. I'll pass the words to Mahmoud cheras outlet owner for ya ;)

    2. Hi etceteramommy! I woulld like to offer my sincere apology as we are very shorthanded at the moment, we actually stick a notice at our shop front saying "Pls Call 012-9798311 for appointment" if you give us a call and we have someone available we will imediately send him/her over, else we would try to arrange for another time at your convinient :) we are open from 12pm to 5-6pm on weekends tho.

  6. So cute the uncle! Imagine if ants killer can kill a rat sure mati kudasai the ants from far far away!

  7. i think you need a new 'hampalang' solution for uncle. .. hahahha... hahahha.. BYOB's product must be good, else he won't ba back so frequent.

  8. What an uncle! Cannot stop smiling while reading this post. Great one ....Hehehehe. I hope that I will not turn out to be one when my age catch up with me ...

  9. wahaha uncle so cute wan! hehehe...

  10. hahahaha i dont know why la sasha but u tend to meet the funniest characters!