Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Biting my own tongue

Justin has got this "thing" about me telling him that everything that I cannot buy for him is EXPENSIVE.

When he was 2 and just started to talk in sentence..
Me: Justin, can you please pass mami that (i forgot what is that thing)
JT: okay. But wait...*tap tap finger on table*
Me: wait what?
JT: wait for a while. *tap tao finger on table*
JT: okay. now you can have it. Its EXPENSIVE already.
Me: :S

So that was when he was 2yrs old. And now that he is 3 years and 2 months old...

SCENE 1: at the bookstore and he picked up a pack of stationaries..

JT: Mami, how much is this?
Me: it's 6.90
JT: *look sad* means expensive. Put it back.
Me: *laugh in my heart* good boy....

SCENE 2:  buying Lightning Mcqueen toy
JT: mami, the lightning mcqueen toy you buy for Jeremy... is it expensive?
Me: yeah. Why?
JT: but why you buy expensive toy for Jeremy wan?
Me: cos Jeremy gotto stay in the hospital that day ma. So buy for him and make him happy la..
JT: er... can you buy for me the lightning mcqueen , not so expensive one?
Me: haha Nope. Cos all also so expensive wan.
JT: can you go find the cheap lightning mcqueen toy?
Me: aiyayaya....

SCENE 3: at shoe store in Midvalley last Sunday
Me: wait wait a min. I need to go and get a new pair of shoes.
JT: but why?
Me: cos all my shoes broken edi. I need to get a pair of shoes.
JT: But! all the shoes here are EXPENSIVE!
Me: Aiyah.. on sale now lah. So not so expensive okay? *try shoes*.. so tell me. what do you think about this shoe? 
JT: Hmmm... it's nice. BUT let me check how much it is first *get down and remove shoes from my leg and looked at the price tag* Read for me. How much is it?
Me: 30 dollar after sale
JT: Means.. it's expensive. Put it back.
Me: -.-''

Ai.....i don't know wanna laugh or cry first cos I felt like I just bit my own tongue.


  1. Geng wor Justin ^.^

    You have taught him well.... hahaha

    *quickly go and hide before you come and knock me on my head*

  2. LOL....he jimat money for you ...can become future accountaant

  3. oh oh... dont let the girls know that... hahaha...

  4. I agree that you taught him well.