Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Amazing Race Holiday

We went to Bangkok to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary last week. And boy, it was like amazing race holiday. We're there for 3 days 2 nights, too short holiday but it was just right for us because Jayden was with us and not forgetting we have another 2 dogs at home, waiting for us to come home.

We flew to Bangkok on the 9th via Air Asia. We didn't take the express boarding pass so we gotto wait in long queue, LONG LONG queue cos it seems like its Bangkok season now? I don't know. We have no choice but to squeeze into the middle and window seat with a huge guy blocking our way in and out of the seat. J stayed awake the whole 2 hours flight, he liked the taking off experience and he said YAY! and clapped his hands.

We arrived at the new airport, of course new airport means higher Taxi Rate. There were signs indicating that we should not take the "illegal" taxi outside of the airport. But guess what? It cost you 1000 Baht to take the airport taxi and only 500plus Baht to take the taxi outside. So take or don't take the outiside taxi you tell me?

We stayed in Zenith Sukhumvit Hotel, the place where Arabians stay. Big C said he did a very bad research this time. But the room was okay, spacious and lots of room to roll around.

We drop of our luggages and started hunt for food. Since we stayed in Arabians Area, all food are seems to be not-so-suitable for us. So we stopped by this place (forgot what is the name) and had our first bite.


Jayden slept in the stroller although the roads are so bumpy and uneven. We went to walk around Paragon area and even went to MBK but we only had like 20 mins before the shops close.

Xmas deco was still around. Not much of CNY mood here. Look at this xmas tree.

all made out of recycle water container. Cool eh?

After that we took tuk tuk back to hotel.
It was damn hillarious looking back at this pic. Look at our faces! Jayden held both our hands in the beginning and he kept quiet. The tuk tuk sped like mad, went opposite road, zig zag, It was a crazy ride. But then my son got a lil brave and then he let go of our hands and clapped his hands and said YEAH! I think he can go on roller coaster ride soon.

One problem, we forgot to bring his elmo pillow. So we gotto let him play till he is all worn out then only he can sleep.

After the tuktuk, I decided not to bring my dslr out.
1, I am too lazy.
2, no time.
3, no hand to carry the extra bag.
4, Jayden was clingy

The next day, we went to Platinum.
The clothes = ALOT.
The price=CHEAP.
No need to bargain here cos its wholesale area. Big C was so nice to help me take care of Jayden while I kept asking "How much?" Muahahah Thanks B!

We drop by Isetan and we got Jayden's Bday pressie here. He went nuts just looking at it. Been bugging us to open it up everytime he sees the packaging!

We had tomyum everynight and each time J was asleep. Ah....dinner in peace :)
Check out my tomyum. 160Baht. Yummy!

And my shrimp rings, 100Baht!

No more tuktuk for 2nd night, we took taxi home. In Bangkok there's no such thing as METER TAXI. You need to really bargain. If you hate bargaining like me, just take the MRT/BTS la. Save saliva and more convinient. But travelling with a kid on a stroller is not easy. As most of the places is not stroller friendly. Luckily I have Big C to help me carry the stroller with J in it up and down the very high staircase.

Sat was like Amazing Race for us. Cos we went to drop by Chatuchak before we head home. The taxi driver asked us to help him "pretend" to go into the export centre and look-see for 15 min so that he can get a gasoline coupon and he will charge us very cheap price. And we end up spending more than 30 mins there waiting for my silver gold plated ring to be resized. :)

And then we went to Chatuchak and we had like 1 hour to shop. So, I headed straight to the shops (can remember roughly where are the shops cos I was there 2 yrs ago) and grab whatever I have planned to buy.

The custom checking in Bkk Airport = Very slow and crazy. So go to the airport more than 2 hours early before your flight. Otherwise you will be late. This time we bought the express boarding coupon.

I'm just so lazy to fight with the rest of the people. We got a comfy seat, 3rd from the front. And a seat for each of us. So Jayden can lie down and sleep.

And then we had our LUNCH at 3pm. RM8 Air Asia Nasi Lemak.
*sigh*....i miss my Tom Yum..

We got home at around 6pm. Took the Sentral Bus and the lil one enjoyed it so much. Dad and sis came to the Sentral Station to pick us up so that we can collect our car from my dad. Reached home, 11pm.

This trip we :
We went on AirPlane, Taxi, Tuk Tuk, MRT and Bus.
Walked like dunno how many kilometres.
Went into dunno how many stores.
Bought like dunno how many things.
Ate like dunno how many mangoes.
I lost count.

This trip was super fast, we walked super fast and shop super fast. Just like Amazing Race Holiday. But we all enjoy ourselves - being together :)


  1. i miss the tom yum too..

  2. SECOND!!!

    RM8 for nasi lemak! Very 'cheap'! I guess the higher up in the sky you go, the more expensive the nasi lemak. :D

  3. hem.. it is time for me to travel again!! but I'm banned from going to Thailand!!

  4. What a nice short holiday. Not showing us any ur shopping loot? Now u make me feel like going to bangkok..hahaha. Didn't go for thai massage meh? It so cheap there. The hotel looks ok, clean and bright, not like last time i went, it so dim & dirty. I'm sure jayden having a great time and so do u & Big C.

  5. hello dear Sasha,
    I am glad that at least all of you had fun. What's your little munchkin doing there on the bed? Is he trying to do some stunts, it's really funny & cute.


  6. Hijackqueen2:22 PM

    Wah, must buy number already. Top 10 commentor wor. Eh, next time no need to buy boarding pass. What I do is, after you get into the gate, you run as fast as you can. Can over take ppl at the runway too especially when they stop to take pic. haha... So little pic on BBK. Show la somemore. I've never been there before.

  7. yummii tomyum

    show off la what u bought!!

  8. I like tom yum too :P

  9. First of all, Happy Anniversary!

    Your lou kong so good, birthday go holiday, anniversary also go holiday. Mine will wait for me to initiate one.

  10. Sounds like you guys had fun! :) Most important part is that you guys were together. Hehe. Nways, show us the loot lah!

  11. sounds like a fruitful holiday though it must be exhausting...

    u know wat...i really 'telan air liur' seeing yr tomyam & shrimp rings lor, aduh !!

    we had a family holiday in BKK in 2006 too and i salute u for risking yr life taking the tuk-tuk with a lil boy!!
    my huby strictly forbid that...so it was taxi & MRT & walking with stroller too on the bumpy road like u said!
    i miss it too....
    i wana see the silver/gold ring woh...can ah?

  12. i oso wanna go bangkok ler

  13. Looks like a really cool holiday you had! No Thai massage?

  14. Wow..!! really amazing race.. woman..!!
    But glad you all had a great time. . ;)

  15. Hahaha. I read this I oso want to pant adi. BTW, you forgot to add "Drank dunno how many tomyums". Lol!

  16. great trip haha..i like that pic of u with the 2 big round shrimp ring LOL

    they vy creative huh, make christmas tree out of bottles!!

  17. sasha,
    Jayden wanna learn kungfu is it? haha!

    And the Xmas tree is ammmmazzinngg! Looks like the peacock's feathers from the first photo.

    Eh, at first, I thought I saw a monster/alien with two shrimp donut rings lah! hahaha!

  18. wahliew... until the post also sound so hurried and so rush and all... but then hoh, i also want holiday ler... now next post should be showing us all the bargains u got leh

  19. wow..you are all so brave to take the tuk tuk :D Looks like a really nice holiday eventhough it's a super duper fast one :D

  20. They see that you are a "nakthrongtiaw" (tourist) ma... sure want to KETUK you maximum lah. Insist on the the meter. Works out waaaaay cheaper than the TUk-Tuk. Tuk-Tuk drivers lagi KETUK you. If there's two or more persons travelling, the taxi is generally cheaper than the BTS (if you go to the usual tourist areas). Next time, you can bring Jayden to the DreamWorld (near old Airport) or the Science Center (next to Chatuchak)....

    Platinum? You can lah.. Your size soooo "lik-lik" (small) can buy Thai-sized clothes. As for (body big big) me? Waah... "Too-ah yai-yai" cannot fit in the Thai-sized Clothes!!! Nope. Not even LARGE. So, Never bother to go MBK etc.

  21. BTW, you got a toddler...won't AirAsia let you board first??

  22. I thot Bkk wouldn't be a suitable hol destination with a young toddler. But looked like u guys had a blasting time. Oni 1 hr at Chatuchak is enuff to get all the stuff u wanted? U really know the plc well. ;)

  23. so i mah hvae to be supre fast to type this mesage, sayng super fast that this trip is very the aaminzg znd super fast super fast super fsat.........

    wat am i saying??? see, super fast till so many spelling mistake... btw, glad to see u post again... happy holiday!!! ;)

  24. Hi Sasha, enjoyed reading your Bangkok trip. I have always love Thailand and its people, very friendly.
    Love the floating market especially.
    Hey, you sure got a good looking hubby.
    Nice pics too, and that tom yum sure looks delicious.
    Anyway, Sawatdee, you have a nice day, Sasha, UL.

  25. so, got win win wan or not the amazing race? kekekek...:-P

  26. as i read thru'- i see a lot of remarks from you that many have taken for granted i.e. how you enjoy just a simple bowl of tom yam... a peaceful dinner as lil J slept thru'...the appreciation for Big C effort to carry the stroller with lil J in it up and down staircases. despite the amazing race, you indeed enjoy "being together".

  27. wah..if really amazing race, sure tar-kow one!!!!!!!

    ha ha ha...i miss TY and NL...

    blog more pix la...drools drools drools

  28. so u also fast fast show your loots.... LOL

  29. etceteramommy1:13 PM

    One word to describe my feelings: *JEALOUS* :P

  30. yummy ... the food in BKK is very delicious! tomyum everyday also can. shopping is the best at BKK. glad you three had such a good time eating and shopping.

  31. now that is very the fast of you 3!!!

    Tuk tuk ride was so much fun eh?

  32. mom2ashley4:48 PM

    can't wait for my trip to bkk!!!!
    and you only shopped for 1 hour at the market? enough ah?

  33. Last time I was there was 4 years ago. So much have changed liao ah. I booked the taxi from the airport and it was 550 bt and we were complaining about it already. And towards the end of the trip, preferred to travel by taxi if LRT or river taxi was not an option. We liked the taxi cause they all used meter, and I would point the route out to the driver on the map so that he cannot cheat me… hahaha. But normally we just take taxi to the nearest LRT station coz our hotel is very near to LRT.

    Missed Bangkok la…I want to go again….

  34. So rush, at least you did many things and enjoy shopping.

  35. I also want to go holiday

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  37. Wow, sounds very fun and stress free wor, albeit all the rushing... so where's the loot?? Pics!

  38. wah..really an amazing race holiday.... any occasion also can go holiday..thanks to air asia...EVERYONE CAN FLY...we r going bangkok too this coming oct by AA also..:-)

  39. Wah.. so nice so nice..

    Especially if the hubby willing to jaga the anak and let the wife shop till she drops!

  40. such fun holiday! yea .. bangkok is a place to shop!