Monday, November 19, 2007

What Happen If U Can't Get Rambutan...

Then you switch your target and eat other stuff instead! Like this...

And you see him like this...

You will also react like this...
bigger and nicer pics here.

Then You go for family gathering and you see him mixing with big kids...
Waving, saying "HI". Following the big kids.

Weird pic. Can You see him?

Not enough? Sunday go and eat this...
One word... heavenly!

And you see him like this...
He knows how to pose for picture now.

And Like this...

You will forget about how people like to compare how skinny your son is with their 5 months old baby who is already 8.6kg. But too bad, they're weekend parents. So I don't get how they are so proud of it...:) But I don't want a fat kid. I just want him to be healthy. Ming Pak Mowe? (Nadia asked me this morning...hahahha)
[Ming Pak Mowe =understand or not in cantonese.]

And not enough, you bring him to another park where he sit quietly while you turn him and snap pictures of him...

More pics here..

No Rambutan also nevermind la....right?


  1. Me first again! hahahahahaha
    Wei, never mind no rambutan eat prawns better.
    I like Jayden picture where he sit on the slide, so nice!

  2. rambutan sticking to the teeth - no good ... afterwards teeth spoil ... haha. wah he's enjoying his food ah and the play, too. went home must be knocked out!

  3. Ur pics are really nice and clear. My hand very itchy now la. Any recommendation ?? Can I know wat r u using??

  4. Hahaha! Ming pak laaaaaaaa.. ;) And I agree, be weekend parents for what? At least we do the real thang.. haha! ;) So healthy kids are definitely better!

  5. love that pic of him by the green slide.. so carefree.. awww..

  6. hehehe..replace rambutan with big prawns ah? yummy.

  7. no rambutans but got prawns wow...good lor...

  8. eh, "weekend parents" dun UN lar!!
    aiya, sound so kesian, i think the next time i have a rambutan i will surely think of YOU edi....

    i love steamboat more !!!
    wah, sudah pandai main photography ehh !!!

  9. Still craving for your rambutans!? So difficult to get in Malaysia meh? I thought Singapore is worse. The rambutans in Penang is very sweet!

  10. really know how to enjoy, ya? So carefree.

  11. I saw frozen rambutan in Netherlands! Ewwww...

  12. aiyoh, so cute eh..
    i agree with u, i prefer my kids to be healthy rather then an obese one.. some ppl tend to compare with my son or always comment that Ian is skinny..i get so sick and tired of hearing it

  13. wei, eat too much rambutan can get conspitation wan u know!!!

  14. so no more cravings eh...

  15. Jayden is such a poser already!!!!!!!!! hahaha
    Agree that it doesn't matter if your child is big, small, thin or fat as long as they are healthy. Haven't those parents heard of the Barney song "Big, Small"?

  16. Oscar's Mommy8:53 AM

    wow... yr weekend so fruitful la... my weekend was spent running ard malls to get last min present and also dress for wedding... sigh, wasted my weekend pulak.. now counting down to the coming one... hehehe.

  17. Mrs.Wallace9:13 AM

    Sasha, which McD serve pancakes for breakfast? I thought only McD in Singapore do that.

  18. annie: i like it too!

    Twin: no wor..still can tahan for few more hours

    estee: :D hi its Nikon D40

    Nadia: Yeap! I agree with you [smile]

    Sting: Ah.u noticed that he was running...bergaya or not? hahaha

    barbara + Chanel: what to rambutan

    Jacss: try try only...:D

    ECL: not in season la..

    jo-n: not enjoy biasa only

    wen: yeah agree with u . health is the most imp thing

    wwh: oik i bila got eat la...

    jazz: errr other thing now

    bryan's mama: yeap! i know that song! Big! Little!

    Angie: oik, weekend coming again. dun worry

    mrs wallace: got...everywhere also got. i think they just launched it

  19. nice photos wor. dslr, 'leng seh mm thung' (really different)

    got rambutan in the cans mar. no need to peel skin one.

  20. eh nice photo!

    looks like Superboy to the rescue..and he just landed on that spot when u snap!

    fat kids nice meh? so fat = heavy = hard to carry = not nice wan! i wana carry my baby around..not carry for 2 mins then find my hand my niece now >.<

    no rambutan.....but now got craving for pancake T_T how??? =P heheheh

  21. I notice your photos damn clear now ah... hehehehe

  22. Got such thing as after office hours parent or not? :P

  23. wah, went steamboat ah? little leng chai can sit still for you to take his pics?? shern never sit still.
    i love those pics. nikon d40 huh? good or not? my sis friend, a photographer also recommended it to me.

  24. Steamboat !!!

    Your son very active le..

  25. He looks perfectly healthy. Not too skinny! :)

  26.'ve just got yourself a new camera?

  27. Haha
    The way you say : ming bak mowe ...

  28. The pics are so clear. Well invested. JD is now happier than ever. As long as JD happy, still running here and there, no coughing, no running nose, still got his spoon, should be no problem.
    JD JD, bila lah boleh you jumpa koko Josh dis... sure syiok, havoc when they're together :D

  29. nice pics... like your post's style... interesting! Jayden where got skinny.... no lerr... he's so healthy running here and there!

  30. adrian1:51 PM

    Ceh! Say dun wan to eat but eat so much! :P

  31. actually i would feed jo whatever he likes, i just like to see his contented look even though i know some foods are not so healthy.

  32. Hijackqueen2:37 PM

    Rambutan anger you issit?

  33. Luckily no rambutans cos I will lau how sueh!

    This is better. I tell you, fat kids don't mean healthy.

    At the end of the day, it is not the size that counts and obesity is hitting the world, so your Jayden is just nice size.

    People used to ask me why I don't feed my son. When my son started Prep, he was hardly sick. From Year 2-6, he never ever had a sick day off school.

  34. He really bring the spoon everywhere.

  35. What about this rambutan?

    My girls also skinny.. until MIL also pijak me and maids, said we don't know how to jaga kids.

    She so clever, but never offer to jaga my kids for me pun.

  36. long as Jayden happy, you happy liao....Jayden seem to look forward every weekend, so, he can go kai kai and mum mum :P. Same for my sons.