Friday, November 30, 2007


I used to say that Jayden is not afraid of anything, including me. Well, maybe sometimes when I hold my cane/rotan up or when I whack the wall to make the ZUUUUPPP sound to scare him. So Amy, that answered your tag of "Spare the rod?". I'm already using it. How to spare? *LOL*

Anyway, that day I brought my lil J to the park. It just rained so the park was empty. I was holding my camera and I brought him alone. Luckily I have a door mat in my car (don't ask me why, I don't know too..) So I wiped the slide for him.

Off he went. And he was so happy going up and down the slide. And then he saw this...


And he gave me the cheeky grin...


Oh no. I shouted "Jayden, No!" And still he tried to go up. I couldn't reach him in time and he already reached the top of the slide. He got in so I waited for him to come down. And he didn't. Then I heard the sound "Piak Piak Piak". He reversed and came down from the top.

Then he ran down and hugged me. I asked him "what happened?" (eh, as if he knows how to answer me eh?) and he gave me this blank look..


Ok, definitely something is wrong. Maybe he was afraid of the slide cos it was dark. (nearly 7.30pm). So we headed home. And he cried like mad in the car!


So, last night we brought him to the playground where he got a flying kick the other day. And I thought that this time he won't go up the slide anymore. But nope. He totally forgotten about the scarry slide and he went to the lowest slide. Then slowly upgraded to the higher one. Then the zigzag one and finally the giant looking one, nearly the same as the one in the park. Of course I guided him up the stairs but he zupped down by himself. And he went on and on and on until both big C and I punya back sudah senget.

Using my Olympus FE190. That's why its not so clear.

In fact, when I was up there guiding him into the tunnel slide (the yellow one), I was afraid too. I don't know why. But it gave me the chilly feeling. Probably that's why he was afraid of the slide in the park.

I know, the video is very dark.....

This time he happily obliged when we say "let's go home". Phew!!!! Maybe he was too tired or he played till he was bored already. But he didn't konk-out in the car or when we're at home till about 12am!!! I know one thing for sure, I'm more tired than him!!! I couldn't get up this morning!

Okay Have a good weekend everyone. It's gonna be a very busy weekend for us. Too many warehouse sale going on. (click here for the full list. Remember to bring Cash. Otherwise you gotto wait very long at the Credit Card Q!) *Big C biting nails edi now, i know* plus we have to attend my ex-colik's wedding too. More opps to snap pics :D


  1. Wow, Jayden really enjoy the sliding huh? Wait n see, later he will love acting like Monkey, holding the sliding bar on top, and swing...till your heart drop....he,he

  2. keeyit10:56 AM

    Aiyo.. Jayden really like to slide from the top ar ? hehe.. he is not scared meh..

  3. Inside the slide dark lah. If I were Jayden (if I can fit inside the slide, that is!) I'd probably be scared too!

  4. He loves playing slide huh! Lukcily Jayden didn't insist you or Big C to slide together with him. haha!

  5. Mamajo: hahahah we'll see

    Keeyit: yeap he loves it so much

    Moby: ah..thats why the father cannot accompany him. Only I can do it ;)

    Joanne: Naah, he wanna play by himself. We'll kacau his way only.

  6. Hey, where is that big yellow slide? Looks fun!

    have a wonderful weekend.

  7. He's sucha brave boy. I don't remember I've tried sliding on such winding one before.. sked sked..

  8. I think he's afraid of the darkness or he's claustrophobic. I don't wanna be stuck inside the slide either. Haha!

    p/s: Have fun at the warehouse sale! ;)

  9. myJosh cried like that too.. yaikkksss...

  10. huisia1:23 PM

    wah..the slide in your housing area so nice le...

    actually, i think i would scare too if asked me to slide the zigzag slide

  11. the slide near ur house area look big. If my boys saw that, sure they will very happy and keep shouting "paygound paygound"! Come next time jayden slide with two kor kor so no more scare.
    U have a good weekend and and njoy ur shopping at warehouse sales!

  12. mine oso likes to climb from bottom, but havent reach the top yet...cause i always stop him from doing that

  13. kids really love to play..your son looks enjoying the trip.

  14. Oh poor thing. See that face crying.....mummy must be so 'sum thong'.

    Maybe it looked dark inside the tunnel when he got up there, so he was a scared.

  15. Oscar's Mommy6:45 PM

    selamat menyambut hari sabtu dan ahad...kehkehkeh!

  16. Very soon he will be doing all sorts of stunts on the slides e.g. superman style, backwards style, climbing up the way he came down etc....

  17. Poor boy. I remembered when Tim was his age, he climb all the way up. He look into the slide and he turned back. :P

  18. mom2ashley2:45 AM

    hmmm i think ashley would have been scared of it too....cause it doesnt look straight-forward and you cant see the end of the tunnel from the top..

  19. Boys are usually gungho, they get frightened the first time but the next time, they will conquer the fear!

    You go Jayden!!

  20. the picture of him crying is very sad-leh!!! poor chap...hope he get over the fear one day.

    Happy Shopping!

  21. Poor thing.. must have been traumatised by the staircase slide. Did he cry during sleep that night? :D

  22. wah shiok lar, jayden brave to go on those kind of slide. my son still doin the baby slide.

  23. actually, he is quite brave edi..bravo to him!!

  24. ooh...those cover up slides are not really suitable for young toddlers... better avoid it at d moment !!!

    ahh....slides r just clever creation for our kids, heh?!

  25. he's claustrophobic that enclosed tunnel slide..
    poor thing eh...
    when i was younger too, close slide freaks me out...i was like..oh my...why cannot sampai one??

  26. Shooi5:14 PM

    Terror la u! Go to playground alone with a child sommo can take so many photos...salute u!

  27. haha...maybe the tunnel cannot see anything mah...then *klong klong klong* come down, me also scared, dont say Jayden lol....

  28. Zara also doesn't like tunnel slide.. unless she can see the 'light' in the other side of the tunnel.. or else she won't get in.