Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Convoy Up The Hill

This will be a busy week for me. My MAC (which I have been complaining to my boss that something is wrong with it) finally died. So I'm MAC-less and trying to design with pc. *yawn* I think mushroom is growing out of my head now while waiting for it to load.

Anyway, Jayden and I accompanied Big C to his kinda gathering. Normally he will accompany us to our blogger gathering. So give and take and try something new. So we went for his "car gang" convoy up the hill. And I managed to snap this pic....the cars were in a straight line, all same type of car.


They're just like us, bloggers. Drive Drive Drive, Stop, Talk Talk Talk, Camwhore, Camwhore, Align cars and camwhore some more. And the wives and kids, stand, wait, talk and camwhore also.

My lil J was still sleeping when we dragged him into the car. He woke up half way and slept again! And he woke up and had his brunch break on the car while the gang camwhore somemore. It's much harder to align cars compare to us aligning ourselves for group pic.


I think he love the weather cos it was chilly and that made him so hungry and he finished all his porridge. And he posed for me with his big tummy after that. I have no idea how he managed to fold his leg like this.


We finally reached the top of the hill. The journey took double the traveling time. We had a quick bite at McD, yes with the gang again. They're just like blogger's gathering. The drivers all brought gfs, friends, wife, kids and maids too.

We brought lil J for Ferris Wheel ride. That's the only ride we went on that day. We didn't go for the outdoor ride cos we think that J is still too short and young for the rides. And worst he can't sit still inside the ride alone if we're no next to him. So better not yea....

He was so amazed with the ride. He just kept quiet all the time. After that he fell asleep. I think the Ferris Wheel made him dizzy and sleepy. Ahaks!


  1. wow, fun loh!! Next time drive to Penang ya! And we hike up to Penang hill! hahaha!

  2. hahaha..Jayden can really pose eh? He looks like a big boy in denims :D

  3. woaw! jayden has big tummy ler. he can sleep well while travelling hor.

  4. ah ah, if u gg up to penang with joanne, i stay down with nunu & be your pom pom girls ok? lol

    aiya, sasha, you call Jayden clown, then you're the mommy clown lor! haha

  5. Haha! Love those pics and the LO is awesome!!!!!

  6. Wow.. this is totally cool gang hangout for the hubby. All same Toyota Altis some more. Cool.

    JD as always cheeky, active and wow.. camwhore tuuu... LOL.

  7. Alamak,bila u go dot.com ler I dunnoler.

    Wah,Jayden boy "Ho Yau Ying" pwettt... :P

  8. Wahhh... revolving scraps! His tummy really full!

  9. Hahahah!! yer Jay so cute lah.. ;) lahwa sekali.. all the posing.. ;)

  10. wahh...altis entourage somemore :p...

    did he go for all the kiddy rides in genting?

  11. khongfamily1:54 PM

    Wowww..fun eh? Why lah Jayden show his tummy? And very nice scrap you have there...animated somemore!

  12. Nice scrap!!
    hehe..Jayden with the big tummy look cute and he pose for u!

  13. I like the little tummy...he,he...meaning he is FULL, mommy...wow, luckily just Jayden lor...if 2 kids, how ar?

  14. Wow, go up hill for Uncle Lim! You guys so good ya!

  15. wah, u brought Jayden along ah? luckily he was such a gd boy..

  16. Jayden looks big. My daughter saw the photo and she kept saying "Ko Ko"

  17. cool gang going to a cool place heh!

    never thought a gang of buddy could be so closed until car also same same, hehehe!!!

    wah yr cutesy boy got a stomach as big as my boys lar!!!

    btw, never pay visit to villa gohtong ka?

  18. Anonymous3:22 PM

    jayden now look more 'leng chai' already. big boy jor. i still remember when the 1st time i visit your blog and saw jayden's pic he was only but few months old. times flies.


  19. Jayden bergaya and with cool face...

  20. joanne: okay will inform u when we go to penang ya.

    Chumsy Mummy: Look like big boy only..

    Theblueranger: yeah he can really travel wan this guy

    Raggedyanne: Eh i never deny i'm clown mami also hahahahaha

    nadia: thanks!

    PJ: shhhh dun say so loud. hahaha

    eva: toh cheh toh cheh

    sue: yeap very very full

    MBK: thank u

    Jazz: only went for ferris wheel

    khongfamily: thanks.

    Annie Q : Thanks!

    MamaJo : yeah luckily just one

    Jesslyn : not for uncle lim la..

    wen : yeap he travels with us all the time

    JO-N : Ko KO? Hahahahha

    Jacss : yeah they're like us met thru net

    Bmum: Thanks for supporting my blog for so long.:)

    chanelwong: Gaya leh? hahah

  21. I LOVE THE SCRAP! So creative... NICE

  22. If I mo-mo the tummy can get good luck ah? Hehehe.

  23. adrian5:53 PM

    OMGosh! U hubby is in the Altis Club ar?

  24. Aiyo.. the baju fold up like that like chu-yoke-weng!

    And yah woh.. the leg can be folded that way one? Terror.

  25. actually hor...when i was young..i used to stand lidat wor!

    both foot aso can kang-kang y'know!
    WAKAKAK no pain one!

  26. simon9:25 PM

    wah! altis club ah? very cool...

  27. jayden looks like a coqboy in those jeans!

  28. Oscar's Mommy11:41 PM

    wa... go genting ah, so shiok ah? eh if you go penang let me know, i go together then we can meet angeleyes for gathering..hehehe

  29. He looks so big boy in this set of photo...no more chut-chut baru leng chai ma...

  30. wau..he is such an easy toddler. Sleep most of his way up the hill. Guess u and ur hubby got a peaceful trip in the car.

  31. Jayden wanna show off his tummy. Yes Jayden, all of us have 1 belly button. :P

  32. Wah, got such club ah? Members with all the same car driving to one place and gathering for a meal?

    Your Jayden's tummy is so big...well fed man! :)

  33. Very gaya pose! Jayden is Malaysia's new Mr. Metrosexual! You can enter him in kids' talent search already.

    How come he's got the tshirt tucked up in Baywatch style one???

  34. ShannonC.: thank u thank u

    Lian: come and mo mo and see la ..then buy 4D haha

    adrian : wana bluff me again huh? Bitch slap u then u know muahahah

    Zara's Mama : yeap chu yoke weng!

    mott : ah u also can? hahhahha

    simon : cool...bloggers gang cooler

    mom2ashley : :P

    Oscar's Mommy : wei i might go penang leh...

    lemonjude : still chutting la

    Baby Darren : alot of training *phew*

    mybabybay : hahahahah :P

    Judy : yeap all same car and travel together

    KittyCat : hehe cos i asked him to show his tummy !

  35. Hahhaaa..like Winnie the Pooh big tummy..

  36. so sexy show off belly...wanna do belly dance with aunty ah?

  37. Like ur scrap .. very nice !!
    Very true , he look handsome without the chut chut.
    btw, A treat for u at my blog :) http://www.eiggna.blogspot.com/

  38. eh, bila u pergi? I just came down from the mountain today. Alamak, jayden's leg stand like that not numb after that?

  39. Fuiyooo altis gang... cool