Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Deepa Raya!

What a way to start holiday...Whole family went to see doctor last Saturday! First Jayden went to see doctor..then Dadi and then Mami. Jayden was suffering from Diarrhea due to teething..So we have to change his pampers every now and then. So poor thing..and he was so grumpy..

See how grumpy this Ming Siew is la..

Then we went to Dadi and Boh Boh's restaurant and again...Jayden Pooed and kena everywhere...his clothes..his baby chair.. so messy.. Changes him and suddenly....*buek*..he vomitted..and we ran out of clothes. So we wrapped him with his towels and rushed to nearby Giant to buy him T-shirts...but when we got back to the shop...he was fast asleep...

So the diarrhea went on for about few days..until this guy also lembik lembik edi...But holiday was good..cos Dadi and Jayden get to spend some quality time together...and some resting time for Mami..Cos Jayden is like Koala Bear when he is not well...

So sweet..Dadi helping Jayden to remove some dirty things from his face...

Jasmine Cheh Cheh came and stay over on Wednesday..cos her Papa & Mama gotto work. And we went to watch "Open Season". My first time to the picture cos cannot bring camera in ma...Its a good show. Dadi and Jasmine Cheh Cheh laughed so loud..But Mami gotto go and stand at the back to rock Jayden to sleep..

This lil devil once was like a tiny kitten when I first took care of her..Now she's helping me to take care of Jayden..time flies..*sigh*
This lil Pooh of mine..Cirit Birit until lembik lembik also still so cheerfull.but only in the day time.At night its mostly crying and crying session...*sigh* If only he can be as cheerful as day time...


  1. Hope Jayden is feeling much better. Irfan has been down with flu eversince we arrived in Perth. Nyeh. Did you get your much needed rest? I hope you did.. =)

  2. Jesslyn11:17 AM

    not only Jayden sick ler, a lot of blogsphere kids are sick during this break! THey really know how to choose time hor!

  3. Everyone also posting about sick baby!!!!! it's good that he lembik also still cheerful... :) at least not so sakit hati yeah....
    Hope he's all well now.... :)

  4. Hope Jayden & mummy & daddy are well now..!!

  5. Blogger server also sick leh

  6. Aiyo... really sick season lah now... everyone also sick one...

  7. Wei...ppl sick u still bring him to watch movie?? Hello mommy, no wonder I am still sick!!! :P

  8. wah terrer la! u actually brought him in the cinema! Geng!

  9. Hope your Jay feel better now, remember to give him lots of water. My family also went to watch Open Season :P.